What is meant by an Area of Competency for a Psychologist? What is required for a Psychologist to be licensed?

Category: Psychology

In Ontario, Psychologists are licensed generally and not in specific specialty areas. They are required to declare their areas of competency to the regulatory body and required to practice within the bounds of their competence. A Psychologist working with children should have been trained in the area of child psychology and so on. Typically, the Psychologist will have received this training while in graduate school where they will have chosen the courses and training experiences to prepare for working within their particular specialty area. To qualify for professional registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario to practise psychology, the requirements include the successful completion of graduate education and training in professional psychology, supervised professional experience and examinations. A member of the College is required to practise in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations, standards of conduct, professional guidelines and professional codes of ethics. In the province of Ontario, only members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario with appropriate qualifications may use the title ‘Psychologist’ or use the terms ‘psychology’ or ‘psychological’ in any description of services offered or provided. Only Psychologists may identify themselves with the designation C.Psych. after their names. Because they are not Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Psychological Associates do not prescribe medication.