What is Psychology and how can it help me?

Category: Psychology

When individuals ask about mental health and what Psychological therapy might do for them, we often tend to focus on differences between physical and mental health and wellness and how we react to increased pressures. In general, we tend to have a better idea of our own physical strengths and capabilities. For example, we understand that some individuals can lift more than others and that as we increasingly add weight to something, we will reach our own capacity at some point and need to ask for help. Most would accept that individuals don’t generally go around trying to lift couches and pianos on their own. However, over the course of our lives and during different events we tend to add emotional weight and pressures to our lives without thinking of the impact. Many of us expect that we can just continually press on and keep lifting up the emotional pressures and baggage we have accumulated without seeking any assistance or help. I think of therapy as providing some of that help “lifting” and dealing with the accumulated pressures and weight that comes from all types of sources; from sadness and guilt and stress and all of the pressures in our lives.